Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Zombie plans?

Mainly sparked by a conversation at Witchfest, and mainly by my current addiction - Left 4 Dead - Myself and BMan figured that we should have a zombie plan as everyone else seems to think its unusual NOT to have one already...So after much deliberation we have one! :) ...I'm not sure I should disclose it here though in case there are potential zombies reading....... *looks around nervously*


C.S. Perry said...

Zombies aren't real.
What you should look out for are werewolves.

Trust me...I understand these things.

Twisted Barbie said...

The Werewolf plan has been around for many many years, I've seen some pretty convincing stuff. A zombie plan could also be brought into effect for several different disasters.

Zombies aren't real...yet. It only takes one to start the infection ;)

Gurn said...

Well my werewolf plan shall have to remain a secret as it would no doubt cause some issues with some people :p

Gurn said...

Werewolf? I was supposed to type Zombie there. The werewolf plan would be to get bitten so I'd become one and then I could live out that dream that I'd had about a decade ago :D