Thursday, 4 December 2008

The key to good Xmas shopping

Last Saturday, as BMan was away for the weekend, I took advantage and did my Xmas shopping. BMan isn't a "typical" bloke when it comes to shopping but in the pre Xmas rushes in its not his favourite pastime. When I first got into town my brain instantly went blank. I couldn't think what I had planned on buying for everyone and I totally wasn't in the mood so I worked my way down Princes St, hardly looking in any shops (and being driven away from ones I did want to visit by the ever growing hordes of shoppers) I finally stopped about three quarters of the way and got myself some breakfast and a coffee. Whilst waiting for my toastie I sat in the window of BHS and saw a guy setting up in the street right outside, laying out paintings for sale and then producing tins of spray paint and other odds from several bags. The artwork he had on show was pretty impressive in itself, unusual space and landscape scenes in high gloss. Then he started to paint some more and I was mesmerised, he was using car paints and objects usually found in a car garage.

I watched him for about 20 minutes until he finished the one he was working on.

I thought it was pretty impressive, and very unique and watching certainly brightened my mood enough to allow me to get on with a good days shopping (6 hours by the way - I was knackered by the end!)

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