Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Twisted Barbie becomes a sop

I usually have a pretty tough exterior that only the chosen few really get past, but today I'm worried that I'm... becoming...a soppy woman! I am making desserts for family meals over the festive period, which take some time and effort but are the best contribution I can make (if I say so myself I'm pretty good with sweet stuff) I had some extra time to wait for things to cool and chill etc so I lumped down in front of the TV. Finding nothing much on I turned on a modern adaptation of A Christmas Carol (I can be a sucker for classic adaptations) Being totally honest it was pretty good, even with a made for TV cast of ex-soap stars, and I actually found myself shedding a tear at the end. Oh dear! last year I cried at Peter Pan! Its a downhill slope I tell ya!

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