Friday, 12 June 2009

Blogs of note

I don't often go blog hunting - I usually read those of my friends and a couple of others that have been recommended in the past, BUT I recently found three of the best blogs I've ever come across, they're either great in their writing and/or basic concept so I figured they all certainly deserve to have a mention to spread the news further. So with no further delay, and in no particular order heres Twisted Barbies top three....

1. Want to see pictures of people who should be having fun but look soooo miserable? it's happiest people ever

2. Want to see Goths admitting that they're not all so serious...or will melt in the sun? Try Goths in Hot Weather (I know some of the folks in these photos too which gives the blog extra kudos in my book)

3. Sims 3 storytelling at its best, a heart wrenching story of simulated life gone wrong, heres Alice and Kev

1 comment:

Gurn said...

God, someone keep me away from the happiest folk blog!!!