Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Oh my.

I don't normally mention anything on TV, mainly because I don't really watch much of it.

No one could have missed the media frenzy kicked up by Britain's Got Talent and its unusual singing sensation Susan Boyle. For anyone who does actually live at the earth core and doesn't know already its a live reality TV show to pick an act for the Royal Variety Performance. This slightly older lady entered and was quite openly mocked as she walked onto stage only to release an impressive voice which quickly silenced the laughter. I did see this and it was great to see the smug grins removed from the whole crowd (especially the judges).

Anyway... This lady has become quite a hit with our cousins across the water and now the latest revelation....

Slipknot are Susan Boyle Fans

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Gurn said...

Okay someone needs to set fire to this particular band-wagon now!