Friday, 9 October 2009

One in a million

Whilst playing Left 4 Dead tonight something weird happened. Whilst looking for a server to play on I stumbled into a lobby that contained a very old friend of mine. You might not think this is unusual but there were over 18000 people playing at that point! I knew he played, but I wasn't sure of his chosen platform, and I'd looked on steam for him but without knowing his username the search was useless. We recognised each other instantly, which is typical of our relationship - we have popped up in each others lives at very random points, usually by total chance. Last time we met in person was when we were both on a trip to Norwich after living away for a time and spotted each other in a packed shopping mall, before then it was a chance meeting in a nightclub after we had lost touch for a couple of years. Seems the only time I come across him is a million to one event!

Good thing is we now have a fourth player for our team who seems to play as often as B-Man, Gurn and me! maybe our long suffered fourth player syndrome is over?

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