Thursday, 1 October 2009

Barbie spots the conspiracy...

During my usual routine net surfing I came across this article -Recession makes many healthier

I'm one of those annoying cynical people who often sees conspiracy in everything, so my latest theory is this:
The government have manufactured a recession in order to solve the obesity crisis!

Why would this work? well, if people have less money they may be less able/willing to use their cars, instead opting to walk, cycle, or use public transport. People eat healthier, being unable to afford takeaways and alcohol. Free events and pastimes often involve a little more exercise than paid ones (a walk in the park vs. a visit to the cinema for example - obviously this doesn't work for everything, I'm sure skiing is far more expensive than watching tv, but you get my drift) Children have less pocket money to buy sweets, people go on fewer holidays (therefore not indulging as much)

Hmmmm, what kind of dodgy paper can I sell my theory to????

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