Saturday, 13 February 2010

Genius provokes more Genuis

A new programme started last week on BBC2 called Genius. I'm not a huge fan of most TV, but the ad looked funny and it is hosted by one of my all time favourite comedians, Dave Gorman. I'm not good at remembering when things are on so I relied on the trusty V+ box to record it and watched it today. If you haven't heard of it the idea is quite simple, people email in with ideas and Dave with another comedian (this episode had Frank Skinner) decide whether or not the ideas are Genius. (Its a new show so could go either way at this stage)

Three of the ideas people presented were actually pretty good though, one was to teach mathematical theories using dance, one was a new law of opposites based on an items function rather than its mass and shape, and one was to make criminals ride a certain number of miles on exercise bikes whilst in prison to provide renewable energy. All pretty crazy, funny, yet almost compelling ideas.

The Bike idea however did set my mind going, and within 2 minutes I had solved the western worlds problems in one fowl's the plan....

Hook up all the exercise machines in every gym across the country to the power grid. This will provide free electricity whilst people get fit - Image the juice one spin class could generate!

Due to the reduction in running costs these gyms could then offer discounted membership rates, resulting in even more people joining. This has 2 effects, 1. More energy being created and 2. people who wouldn't normally visit the gym getting fitter

So there you go, in a few easy steps we have solved both the energy crisis and the obesity crisis :) Genius eh?


Robert said...

Hey...funny...this is first time I have surfed through blogs and exercise bike caught my eye. This is because yesterday in the showere had exactly the same idea. Freaky. I live in small town and thought what if they set up a series of bikes that everyone can use....motivation to get fit and helps with electricity. Check my new blog...later I may write about this......good luck. Blog: and

Alamgir Khan said...

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmp great

copper stiletto said...

I like your blog. I will be back.

Kirsty said...

what a fab idea - plus then they could probably charge less for gyms. send it in to genius!