Tuesday, 28 September 2010

What goes around comes around

I know, its a cliché, but today a 'good deed' from last Friday paid off.

On Friday, I was helping run an exam at work where some local paramedics were helping out. Whilst they were waiting they asked if they could look around in the museum they were to be working in so I got the keys (and permission of course!) from the staff and let them through.

Today I had a day off and decided to pop across to the local shopping centre - mainly so there was something in the house to eat other than cat food! - It didn't dawn on me until after I'd finished shopping that I had maybe overestimated how much I could carry....However, with B-Man being at work I had little choice, so started my struggle across the car park. I got less than halfway before having to stop and re-adjust the bags (twice!) when a car pulled up and one of the paramedics from Fridays visit popped her head out of the window and asked if I wanted a hand. She recognised me because of the red flash in my hair! (I knew it would be a useful look!) The lovely lady popped all my shopping in the boot and gave me a lift home. I think I may have still been walking across the road now if it weren't for her!

There you have it, further evidence that being nice to others pays off :)

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