Sunday, 31 July 2011

Some of those odd thoughts

A friend of mine got married at the weekend. I couldn't go, but have had reports from other friends who could. The first thing anyone commented on was that he song the bride walked down the aisle to was the imperial march (not the original star wars version but the family guy elevator music instead) For those who haven't heard it here is it...

This got me thinking though, if I were to marry then what would I have to walk down the aisle to myself? I think the traditional wedding march isn't quite my style to be honest so I'd have to come up with an alternative. Oddly although its something I've never truly thought about before, what I actually would want.... So far my favourites have to be...

The haunting classical choice

The cliche goth bash

although this would have to be a close second..just to get the audience clicking along!

for the late bride...

or finally the romantic option..

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