Sunday, 7 September 2008

Tell the world but not the family

This dawned on me yesterday. I don't speak much to my family, we're not normally what many people would consider a normal functional family at all really and to me thats normal - after all its all I have ever had. I tried the close knit family thing in my marriage and to be honest it totally grated on me, I hated all these people feeling that they had a right to know every intimacy of what was going on in my life!

Yesterday though I got a call from my sister (trust me its unusual - she has phoned me maybe three times since I moved to Scotland, thats once every year!!) it was to tell me some family news that I won't bother to include here as its really not important to this post. What it made me realise however as we chatted was that I have such a tendency to tell the world my news on here before I tell my family. Especially when I told her about my trip to Barcelona and getting my dan grade etc. and I realised that those things happened or had been organised quite a while ago now.

It was an odd realisation.

Of course its not something that's going to change. My family would think I had been kidnapped and replaced with an alien if I suddenly became the "ideal" daughter/sister/granddaughter who phones every few days to tell them of every tiny thing that happened (including what I had for breakfast and how many times I peed yesterday) I don't think its a bad relationship that we have, I know it's certainly not what is considered "normal" but who dictates what normal is anyway? but it does sometimes strike me as just a little odd.

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