Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The hard part...

A few weeks back when I was pondering whether or not I was going to start this I was talking to Gurn about it. His only comment was that I should if I had something to say. (helpful huh? ;) ) Today quite randomly I remembered being given a diary as a kid and not knowing what to fill it with I wrote in almost every day "got up, went to school, had tea, nothing else happened"

I promise if I do that here I will cut off a body part each time!

Anyhooo, With me and Dabman sharing a flat we have both inherited more pets, He has to put up with my two hoity cats and I have his rats to play with - I think I probably get the best deal out if this one! We had the rats out to play on the sofa last night and one of them actually posed for a photo! (total miracle! most photos of the rats turn out as large white blurs on the screen)

Cutie huh?

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