Thursday, 28 February 2008

With the accent over the E....

It doesn't happen often, in fact its only been since I moved to my current location and job that its happened at all...People keep mistaking me for having an Australian accent. I have what I consider to be a fairly middle English stereotypical accent with a hint of London, usually most people do have problems pinpointing the region I come from, but that fair, they get that I'm English if nothing else. For some reason however several people now have phoned my work and asked "to speak to the Australian lady" (We don't have any) but then have given my name. Oh this is of course except for Gurn who thinks I sound South African! - He just doesn't have very good hearing methinks!

Maybe I have that brain disorder that makes you start speaking in different languages when you didn't know how to before... If so can I place my order for fluent Japanese now please?

1 comment:

Gurn said...

See now that's twisting the facts! I said you sounded more South African than you did Australian. I do think you sound total Tetley Tea though ;)