Friday, 15 February 2008

"Girlie" Night

Ok, I am not a "Girlie" Girl, I'm generally a bit of a Ladette in fact. Tonight however I'm on my own with no agenda and nothing to keep me entertained... These nights often end in turmoil when boredom kicks in and I take scissors to my hair (much to the complete horror of my hairdresser even though I only visit once a year) In order to stave off the want to cut my locks I'm going to do all the horrid girlie things I only do occassionally. My list of "chores" for the night are:

Wash my hair
Use a face mask
Choose random colours to paint my nails
Paint fingernails
Epilate entire body

For anyone who hasn't encountered an epilator, its a machine which acts like many many pairs of tweezers and rips hairs our of any body part you apply it to. Its fairly painful (Thankfully I have a majorly high pain threshold) but works wonders. If you want to see just how scary this contraption is...heres a video -

And women (probably some men too) put themselves through this??!

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