Sunday, 24 February 2008

More movies and minty wine

I actually managed to have an industrious day yesterday! I managed to dye my hair back to its normal colour rather than black with dodgy blonde roots, and style it so it looked how the hairdresser did it (Miracle! I've usually given up by now) Then I bottled a total of 14 bottles of my signature mint wine. Its been ready to bottle for months but due to the house move last year I didn't have any empties so I have been working very hard on making some - I have been using every excuse possible to drink copious amounts of wine! I finally realised that I should stop being lazy and get the stuff bottled else everyone who I have promised a bottle to would nag me.

Mint I know is a very unusual flavour for wine, but most people who try it adore it (Except Gurn who last night nearly spat a whole mouthful across his living room) It a tiring exercise as I only have a hand-corker which is probably akin to giving birth as you have to force a swollen cork through a much smaller hole into a bottle, It takes a fair amount of effort, one day I'll buy an automated one...or start using plastic corks.

Next up is Nettle, but I have to clean all my equipment out first again (which is why my wine takes so long to make, I hate the cleaning bit!) I'm not even sure if I will like it, but its worth a shot, If I hate it I will just give it to someone who doesn't!

By 7:30 last night I was knackered and realised that the single bowl of cornflakes I had eaten would not keep me alive forever. As I put some food in the oven, Gurn pings up at me to request my company, I gladly toddled over as it meant I wasn't sat in front of my PC buying things online.

I actually think that the movies are getting worse.... Last night we even turned one off at about halfway through. It should have indicated an early night, but we sat and chatted for the next x hours and I only managed to get home at half past 3. Its all my fault because I can talk for Britain once I'm started, and we got on to the subject of tattoos, which being a love for both of us is a disaster for getting any sleep... I might have finally settled on my latest additions though... maybe.


Gurn said...

You can talk for Britain? There's a SAS squad ready and primed to take me out should I unleash my non-stop rammblings.

Twisted Barbie said...

Thats very true... I still feel a little guilty though as it was you who had to be up early whereas I stayed in bed till 11:30!

B said...

"Rammblings" eh? Is that some kind of incessant chatter by the lead member of a german industrial band?

Oh, and by the way, how the hell did I manage to get accused of "abandoning" TB to her own exploits? Eh? Whats this, anti Da-B-Man week???!!


Twisted Barbie said...

Ah stop your whining! :p I never used the word abandoned... and anyway, I'm only jealous cos I dont get to go away for a boozy weekend :( I have to do that on my own!