Thursday, 28 February 2008

And the winners are..

My work don't really socialise. Its understandable, we spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week together and I don't think most of us actually like each other that much...But they're not really a bad crowd - Honest. ;) So, when a charity quiz night was organised it was quite a surprise that some of us were willing to go. Five of us from my team initially got tickets, one had to pull out on the day, but that's still not a bad turnout really. Teams of 6 were permitted, so with DaBMan seeing his sister off at the airport, I called upon the "universal knowledge" that is Gurn to maximise our chances of actually getting a question right (although when asked what his specialist subject might be by my work colleagues the best I could come up with was "Comics?").

Little did I know what I was letting myself in for... I now know things about this man I would have never even thought of...These include: -

1. That he is a secret Cliff Richard fan
2. That he knows a little too much about cross stitch that a man really should
3. Just because he has visited a place on holiday doesn't actually mean he knows where it is

Overall we did pretty well, coming second out of about 9 teams (only about 3 points behind the winning team) This will be a point rubbed in at work tomorrow, believe me!

Best answer of the night came from our team too, on the very first question...

Q. Where would you be if you were at Ronaldsway Airport?
A. In a plane

Geography... not a strong point...


Gurn said...

Right, let's sort this mess out.

1. I'm not a secret Cliff fan, in fact, I'd pay to beat him to death with a piece of fruit. I only recognised his voice because of the terror and armageddon it conjured up in my head. There's not one Cliff song in my music collection.

2. I'm right about that "slip" question (although my burlesque answer was better) - you get slip stitches in cross-stitch so I was hard done by. I learned this from another quiz so don't go thinking I can knit or anything.

3. Yup, I'll give you that - It's just hard to remember everything - some things need to leave my brian in order to allow for new stuff.

Twisted Barbie said...

Uh huh...I'm not convinced about Cliff but I agree that your burlesque answer was better, if only for comic value.