Sunday, 2 March 2008

Another night out

Well, its been over a month since our last night out. Mainly due to money and time restrictions, so DaBMan, Gurn and Myself headed out this weekend for some clubby fun. It a bit odd for me as the club scene in Norwich, where I have the unfortunate experience of coming from, is undeniably different to the scene here in Edinburgh and I haven't experienced much of it here. Different is not bad however...In this case it simply means that I stand out from the general masses far more than I do back home with far far less effort (Which as I am now getting both old and lazy is great!) As a general guide, Here is a link to some photos from one of the nights on in Norwich, Chains on Velvet so that's more what I am used to wearing on a night out - of course, as all Barbies love to dress up its really no bad thing that I get accosted in the toilets of Opium and told how great I look, and that I am on the receiving end of various girls evil stares (which I always take as a compliment)

I was a little disturbed by the DJs music choice however when they started playing Bon Jovi and Guns n' Roses - and not at the end of the night to make everyone clear out either! It was a generally fun night, I was highly amused by Gurn and DaBMan being totally dismayed at the club having changed since their last visit and just how offended Gurn was at the addition of a sofa...

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