Monday, 24 March 2008

The curse of Paypal..

I am pretty certain that Paypal hates me. Almost as much as I hate it in fact. Problem is that eBay likes to steal all my money on a regular basis and without the beloved Paypal this becomes all the more difficult. So, bored on Friday night, I decided to buy myself a new game from Steam for a whopping £5. They also use Paypal so off I toddled to the sign in page to complete my lovely new purchase only to be completely bamboozled buy it not allowing me in! I know my password, in fact I will never forget it in a million years, but suddenly I have the sinking feeling that I must have changed in on my last visit, or something similarly stupid. So, after a couple of attempts I give in and hit the remind-me-of-my-password button which promises me an email. Two days later still no email... I am now worried that I have managed to lock myself out of my account (Again!) but not wanting to have to speak to their customer service officials only to be told that I will have to set up a new account, I decided to leave it a few days.

I've just tried again and behold the magic Paypal door opened...Maybe it was looking out for me and trying to curb my spending??

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