Friday, 21 March 2008

Back to normality

Well I made it back safe and sound, DaBMan still has all his functions and as much brain as he had when he left (Well nearly!)

Norwich has changed a little since I was last there 14 months ago, there has been an influx of people which has resulted in the place actually being nearly multicultural which in my mind can only be a bonus (one of my main problems with the place before was the sheer unadulterated racism that you seemed to encounter at every turn) there also appears to have been some money spent on the place too, theres a new bus station (which was literally directly underneath our hotel room window) which looks scarily like a spaceship (well from the 4th floor it did) and lots of other areas that had been spruced up - obviously they knew I was coming and had tidied for me ;)

My friends were as strange and crazy as ever which is no surprise, but still made me happy. I was most amused by David having gained weight - for the last 10 years that I have known him he has never been more than 11 1/2 stone but is now a whopping 15! OK he looks good for it, his frame can carry that with ease (he is 6'4" after all) but he actually had a little beer belly...he got ripped for it till he told me where to stick it. (this picture is from last year so you have to add about 3 stone!)

Rick interrogated poor B Man in the pub for an evening and then commented "I'm so impressed, He's come down here and tried to stitch me up!" after B Man bought a pint of highly toxic beer for them both. (Yes he really does look like this!)

Saturday night was trial by fire as the whole crowd (well almost) descended at Kat and J's place to see me. Apparently I am a bit of a little magnet for them all as the last time they were all together like that was during my last visit. That makes me feel special :D

Lastly we popped in to see Wanda who in her normal crazed manner told us in detail of her first (and by the sounds of it last) live on cam Brazilian wax - which was a total illustrate this she pulled faces and did little displays of what one set of lips had been doing using her other set...uh huh you get the idea.

The drive was pretty fine, 7 hours fly by when you re having fun...although on the way back I was really wishing that I could just snap my fingers and appear back at home. I have however now found a new desire to play Guitar Hero again especially after having three of the guys stand behind me in utter amazement that I was playing any computer game for any more than 10 minutes whilst I gave them a little bit of a challenge to beat so I've just dished out £65 to get the latest one with two guitars, damn these expensive habits!

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