Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The fun of street watching

I love my bus journey home. Aside from the overcrowded bus full of junkies, childhood mothers with screaming brats, and old people I really do love it!

The best part is watching whats happening outside the bus (especially as it stops me from wanting to maim the others ON the bus - see list above)

Today, the lovely "street people" who roam princes street and generally try to mug random people to make them either

  • give up their bank details for (insert random charity name here)
  • say guranga
  • buy discount books
  • have a fun discussion on religion (I'm destined for hell apparently)
were having a get together. First two of them were hugging - I think they had agreed to sign up to each others charity in an attempt to get into each others..... ummmmm.... hammocks (?) then I was greeted by the sight of the man holding the GIANT sign reading "Jesus died for the ungodly" being stopped by the snapfax seller. Unfortunately the bus moved on so I didn't get to see if he bought one :( but it tickled me that as everyone else refuses to stop for these folks now (usually after being chased down the road by one, or something) they seem to have started preying on each other! Maybe we will once again be able to walk down a street hassle free!

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B said...

I swear you and Gurn are spending too much time together. You all but posted about exactly the same thing!