Thursday, 13 March 2008

The countdown begins

I think I'm actually quite excited about getting back home for a few days, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing my friends again. They have been "showing me the love" for the last week or so and I feel adored (Not that I don't usually of course, but these folks I only see once a year or so and I have hardly spoken to many of them since my last visit down) During the last week however I have had at least four different invites to stay in various peoples houses (especially once they found out I had booked a hotel...Duh!... but they all seemed to think I had done so because I didn't want to put anyone out) I have more invites to socialise than I can possibly fit into 3 1/2 days and even grumbles that we aren't going to be there for the club night on Friday.

Now if I could only find a way to get out of the family part of the visit... ;)

I'm also kinda loking forward to being a tourist again too, DaBMan spent a short while looking through the tourist info to find stuff for us to do and I was quite surprised how much appealed to the both of us (Loads of stuff that I had totally forgotten about) I'm almost thinking that this might be fun after all!

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