Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Dream on

I'm obviously still pent up about the journey next weekend...I've chilled out since the weekend and no longer a miserable wreck but the drive is flying around in my subconscious. How do I know this? Simple because I had mad dreams last night all involving driving in some way.

Initially they started out with the inevitable chase dream (I'm not sure exactly what was chasing me) round what seemed to be some kind of indoor marketplace or large shop except rather than the normal running-through-treacle effect I was driving a small, slow car that looked kinda like a ghost train car or dodgem. The dream changed when I escaped from the shop and got onto proper roads...It became the same recurring dream I had when I was a kid (which is spooky as I haven't dreamt about it since I was about 10) I am driving up a big hill, usually following lots of traffic, and as I get to the top of the hill I realise that there is either no road at all on the other side and that all the cars are plummeting to an unavoidable crunchy death, or that the road on the other side goes down in the same way a roller coaster might (almost vertically with that freefall feeling) Last night was the latter of these with the Oblivion-esque roller coaster feel.

I wonder what tonight has in store...budding analysts do feel free to have a go at the meaning of this one...at least there were no rhinos...


Gurn said...

I take hills to mean that there's a journey to be had either physical or mental and since you said at the top it's wanton death and a quick route to painsville, I'd say that was you feeling very apprehensive about the destination of your journey as you think it's gonna hurt.

As for the ghost car/dodgem, both of those are vehicles that you really have little control over (even the dodgem doesn't go exactly where you want it what with the steering wheel being able to send you backwards as well as forwards) so I'd take that to mean you can't get out of this journey.

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Twisted Barbie said...

Uh huh...So, I'm going on a journey... I didnt realise that! Lol :p