Monday, 10 March 2008

Mood swings and roundabouts

I have been in a pretty terrible mood this weekend. No particular reason for it that I have been able to put my finger on, which makes me even more irritable... I prefer to know why I'm snappy and horrible.

I think its due at least in part to next week. I'm taking DaBMan down to Norwich to meet my friends and (unfortunately for him) subject him to my family too. I'm looking forward to it, after all I haven't seen any of them since last January, but I'm also a little nervous. Its the normal stuff of silliness like "what of all my friends have changed and I don't like them anymore?", but for some reason this weekend the little things like that have been preying on my mind. I'm also a little worried about not having driven a vehicle of any kind since last November and now having to drive a car singlehandedly all the way down the country. I'm very glad to have the company of DaBMan to keep me awake and concentrating on the road, but it also means that its not just my own safety in my hands.

I've also been re-running conversations in my head and blowing every word completely out of proportion, finding it hard to let random comments slide off me like they normally do. Wow...Maybe my neurotic side is coming out - I hope not!

Today's been an awful lot better than yesterday, so I'm hoping that a good nights sleep has stopped the internal tantrums, at least a little. I'm sure I'll be a total mess my next weekend when it actually come to time to leave...

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