Thursday, 27 March 2008

Too busy to pee..

Ok I can hear the scream of TMI from here...I love my job. I love the fact that they like me and I get paid for...well, working, but not as hard as I would maybe expect for my wage. The only thing I'm not keen on is the sheer hecticness that I encounter every few months (Its a peaks a lulls kind of job and that's totally beyond my control) This month is one of those, between people (including myself) having time off and people being off sick however, I have found myself desperately short staffed with a build up of work...grrr. I actually had to bring work home with me last night instead of beating boys with sticks I was not a happy bunny.

Although as a major consolation Guitar Hero 3 arrived yesterday too so once I finished I made B Man play with me on that for a few hours (not like he complained!) Yahoo! I'm very glad to say I haven't wasted all the practice I put in before and can still manage to get 5 stars with ease - ok we haven't made it past playing through easy level yet, but its still an achievement! and I was madly impressed with the 502 note streak...ok, ok, I'll stop with the geek now. >>>hides in the corner.

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B said...

Speak for yourself missy!

I'm already half way through my career with "Fininginer" on medium.......but then I a member of the great unwashed....ahem.....