Thursday, 5 June 2008

Attack of the parents

My Parents escaped to Turkey three years ago now and they love it, they never want to come back, and seem to have really taken to the people and culture there.

They sent me some photos from a national newspaper today, heres one..It made me laugh, not only because of my Mums awful taste in headscarf, but the fact that my Dad resembles some odd, retired, mob boss, he just needs a hat and a tommy gun!


Gurn said...

Is it customary for men to hold arms with other men like that? :p

Twisted Barbie said...

Possibly, They are a very tactile society from all reports...Dad often gets annoyed by strangers coming up to him and rubbing his belly for luck because he looks like a budda. :s and they wonder why I keep putting off visiting them!

Anonymous said...

hey hey...i was just taking a tour on your blog and i've seen something about took my all care and interest because i am Turk.
and your parents loved my hometown this made me happy...
i liked your blog.

here is mine.