Saturday, 14 June 2008

Camping for solstice

We are trying to get organised for a camping trip next week. We are heading north to Aviemore(ish) area for 4 days of wild camping. Gurn originally only wanted to go away for 3 days and stay on a campsite but I managed to be a bit selfish and convince him to opt for wild camping instead so we could elongate the trip. I have a yearly ritual of camping out (often without a tent...) overnight on the eve of the summer solstice so I can get up stupidly early and watch the sunrise. It really is a fantastic sight and I tend to feel very connected for a good while afterwards, kinda like filling the faith glass every year :)

Last year I went to Castle Hill Fort, It's not far from Edinburgh but was high enough to ensure some great views...I never got to post my photos so here are some...
My Little tent...Predawn, you can see the mist stretching halfway up the hill, I was so glad to be up so high, else I would have missed everything...
The beginning, just a sliver of the sun peeking over the horizon...A few minutes later and the suns nearly up, the beams shooting out over the mist
A few minutes more and shes finally up, I took about 20 photos in total over the whole sunrise but I wholly understand that lots of them look very similar.
I'm hoping that this year will be just as spectacular, I'll be leaving the campsite at about 3:45am and walking up a hill to get a good viewpoint armed as always with strawberries and mead :) I'm happy not to be driving this year, last year I had to take apple juice instead of mead as I needed to get home afterwards!

I'm far more organised this year, mainly due to B-Man and the fact that we are going to be away for more than just a single night. We've been shopping today to get all our supplies ready, including a new utility knife thingy, a cool box, a rubber mallet, and snap lights, torches, compass, the list goes on...tons of stuff but all pretty necessary (ish - we probably could so without the snap lights but they re fun and B really wanted a couple) all we really have to get now is food and charcoal for the fire and we're good to go!

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