Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The Thrill of the Camp...Part 2..

Day 2
After an extremely fitful night of sleep, our little campsite all got up at a pretty early time, and were well frankly, Knackered. We decided not to do a huge amount but had breakfast,
and went for a walk around the woods that we were camping in. Lots of areas had cool looking gnarly trees, although further up there were areas being harvested with huge tracks running through the woods of cut down trees.
We didn't walk too far before spotted two deers just up the hill from the path. They were just as interested in watching us as we were of it though I think. It stood for what seemed like ages staring back before running off. Further up Gurn found some kind of seemingly man made shelter where logs had been lent up against a tree which had an animal jawbone in it...No odd axe-murdering forest people though thankfully! although there was Gurn of course....(In his Brokeback Gurn outfit)

The walk became a little more odd as we walked further and spotted masses of orange fencing round large areas of the wood. Its not all that odd, but out there are heads quickly filled with scenes from Jurassic Park and half expected a goat to rise from the ground at any moment...

The road petered out at a cottage overlooking some cow fields and several run down outbuildings. Me and BMan wandered over to see the cows leaving Gurn standing back insisting that cows are funny animals that he didn't want to go that close to.

Back at camp we relaxed for the rest of the day, had a very tasty chicken madras for dinner (although it was at that point we realised that maybe bringing two pots would have been an idea...) and went to bed pretty early to catch up on some sleep.


B said...

It was Tikka Masala woman! Have I tought you nothing!! :-D

Twisted Barbie said...

obviously not spelling.... ;) I knew it was something indian based!

Gurn said...

a) that is a truly dire picture of me
b) I take offence at "brokeback gurn"
c) I still don't see the fascination with cows - they're just cows :)